The M&Z Management Team

"Managing with Heart, to provide Safe and Affordable Housing!"

The M&Z Management Team was founded with the sole objective of providing full and partial property management solutions geared to the non-profit housing sector including life lease housing. The firm has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of social housing development and property management through extensive work experience in the field.

The M&Z Management Team is a property management firm which places a strong emphasis on quality service and client satisfaction. The fundamental principles under which the firm operates in order to ensure a consistent level of effective servicing are as follows:

* The M&Z Management Team ensures that their clients are fully informed on all aspects relating to the project by liaising with the Board of Directors on a frequent basis. Communication is conducted regularly in order to keep the client abreast of all developments, new and otherwise. All aspects and requirements of the property management functions are clearly outlined to their clients so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding development.

* It is the responsibility of The M&Z Management Team to ensure that the client's wishes and instructions are carried out in a professional and diligent manner. Clients are not molded into the McCormick & Zock Inc. image; the management adjusts itself to the needs of the client.

* The preparation of accurate budget estimates and the observance of critical dates also fall under the company's stringent client servicing guidelines.

* The M&Z Management Team staff have developed strong and effective working relationships with Housing Division staff in seven different Service Manager areas. This allows the firm to work co-operatively with the Housing Division to ensure compliance with all legislation, regulations and local policies.

* The M&Z Management Team strongly believes that safe affordable housing is a right. We are deeply committed to ensuring the maintenance and preservation of the current stock of social housing and to ensure that tenants and members are treated respectfully and kept full informed of both their rights and responsibilities.